From being turned down by every VC in Europe, to increasing their valuation by 20% at the 11th hour, read on to find out how Spotify raised venture capital.
From PayPal, to psying strangers on Craigslist to upload videos, here is the remarkable fundraisin journey of YouTube
Airbnb, how its founders sold cereal, raised a seed round from Sequoia Capital and convinced Reid Hoffman to invest within 2 minutes.
“I heard 100 no’s for 6 years straight” Travis Kalanick. Most investors were skeptical of Uber and it’s potential to overcome the certain legalbattles that it would encounter.
How Mark picked his angel investors, pitched Sequoia Capital in his pyjamas and kept control of Facebook.
As a founder, one of the most critical decisions you will make is choosing the right venture capitalists (VCs) to invest in your company. The best venture capital funds…
It is entirely your responsibility to understand the importance of a term sheet. Using real-life examples, we will provide insights on how different term sheets have impacted the success of startups in the past
Series A rounds are crucial for high-growth startups looking to scale exponentially, but sometime just optimising for a valuation is not the right thing to do.
Did you know that the due diligence process for a UK startup raising a Series A can take an average of 103 days? That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared and to know how to navigate the venture capital due diligence process. In this post, I will share my top tips for getting through due diligence and closing a successful Series A round.
Series A venture capital investors are obsessed with product-market fit. Product-market fit is arguably the most critical milestone for a startup. Very little else (if anything) will convince a Series A venture capital fund to invest if you haven’t found product-market fit.
High user churn will destroy your business, there’s no way around it. User churn kills startups. As such, it is one of the most important metrics that venture capitalists analyse before committing to an investment. Bessemer Venture Partners state an annual 5-7% user churn rate is acceptable for their portfolio companies.

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