Category: Essential Venture Capital knowledge

May 03
Spotify’s Seed and Series A fundraising rounds

From being turned down by every VC in Europe, to increasing their valuation by 20% at…

May 02
YouTube’s Seed and Series A fundraising rounds

From PayPal, to psying strangers on Craigslist to upload videos, here is the…

May 02
Airbnb’s Seed and Series A Fundraising Rounds

Airbnb, how its founders sold cereal, raised a seed round from Sequoia Capital and…

Apr 23
Uber’s Seed and Series A Fundraising Rounds

"I heard 100 no's for 6 years straight" Travis Kalanick. Most investors were skeptical…

Apr 20
Facebook’s Seed and Series A Fundraising Rounds

How Mark picked his angel investors, pitched Sequoia Capital in his pyjamas and kept…

Apr 20
How to find your perfect VC investor

As a founder, one of the most critical decisions you will make is choosing the right…

Mar 16
What to Look for in a Term Sheet When Raising Your Series A Round

It is entirely your responsibility to understand the importance of a term sheet. Using…

Mar 09
Finding the Right Investors for Your Series A Round: Tips for Targeting the Right VC Firms

Series A rounds are crucial for high-growth startups looking to scale exponentially,…

Mar 07
Navigating the Due Diligence Process: Tips for Closing Your Series A Round

Did you know that the due diligence process for a UK startup raising a Series A can…

Nov 15
Ultimate Blog: Product-Market Fit

Series A venture capital investors are obsessed with product-market fit.…


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